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Make better decisions: 10 tweets to guide your thinking

Your job is to make fast, clear decisions so important work can happen. Your team’s success depends on it but it can be easier said than done. So, we have gathered some inspiration to help you make better, faster decisions!

By Andrea Watts

Nov 1, 2022

As a manager, you have a ton of things on your plate – metrics to track, products to build, feedback to give, emails to write, meetings to take. Whether you realize it or not, decision-making is a part of all of these tasks – they are a result of choices about what prioritize and where to invest resources.

The process for getting all the work done and making those decisions can feel chaotic and unstructured. It’s hard to know how to made good, structured decisions even though your team and company depend on you to provide results through them. The answer to this problem starts with recognizing that your decision workflow needs some work.

So, we’ve complied 10 great tweets on decision-making to inspire, delight and get you thinking about your decisions in a new light.

At Almanac, we’re in the business of helping teams fight process chaos and make better, faster decisions with decision flow.

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